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Since its establishment, Palmera has strived to be one of the best major landscaping players in Qatar. As a Grade “A” landscape contractor, Palmera enjoys a solid position in the market, with over 3,000 qualified staff, This is supported by our strategic operations team and their organized and welltrained labor force.
Palmera is constantly improving and innovating to gain the clients’ full trust and confidence. With our unbeatable top class, quality services we challenge ourselves to be greater every day to maintain the level of satisfaction our customers better come to expect from our work.
Through our hard work, devotion and commitment to quality with our clients, we earned our motto “ We Plant Trust”

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Amer Mahasen

Address From The General Manager

Through the years, Palmera has been rolling steadily until it reached where it is now, applying the pillars of excellence in all its projects relying on its professional, highly knowledgeable and innovative team.

At Palmera, we value our clients and do the best we can to meet their expectations, ensuring that their requirements are met with the utmost standards that distinguish us from other competitors.

Standards such as hard work, discipline, focus, safety, on-time delivery along with our unmatched quality services helped us build a worldwide reputation, a commanding industry and presence that we treasure.

We differ from others by executing the fast track projects. We have the experience to deliver projects in Qatar and outside;. France, the United Kingdom, The Maldives, Oman, Lebanon and Jordan are good examples.

We are committed to continue with clear vision and energized workforce to achieve further successes and keep Palmera as a Grade A company.
Amer Mahasen